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  • Stackable Display Case w/LED Lights 
  • Scale: 1:18/1:24
  • Measurements: (W) 36 x (D) 17.7 x (H) 17.5cm
    • Fits 1 x 1:18. Can fit 2 x 1:24 (on angle)
  • Features:
    • LED lights powered by a USB-C connection
    • Display top has rows of LED Lights
    • Mirrored back and mirrored base
    • Clear perspex sides and front
    • Display Case provides a dust-free environment for your exhibits
    • Transparent panels offer an excellent view of the exhibits inside
    • USB-C Cable Operated. Cable is included.
      • Requires a USB adaptor to plug into powerpoint. Same as any mobile phone charger (Not included)


  • Brand New

Please Note: Product comes disassembled. Assembly required.

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